Money made quik for all your needs

  • Send money anywhere in the world quickly
  • Fund your QuikPe account with Bitcoins
  • Transact anywhere digitally with virtual cards

Make quick transactions using Bitcoin

QuikPe provides a comprehensive platform to transact using Bitcoin.

Easily send funds to anywhere in the world using QuikPe. QuikPe is a Bitcoin powered transaction platform enabling you to send funds to another Bitcoin wallet or convert it to any currency.

  • Fund QuikPe account using Bitcoins from any wallet
  • Send Bitcoins to any bank account in the world
  • Add funds to savings account or open a fixed deposit

Make your global digital transactions simpler and quicker using our comprehensive QuikPe platform.



All transactions on QuikPe are end-to-end encrypted and powered by Bitcoin.



Single tap withdrawl and sending of funds. Get same day bank settlements fron Bitcoin.



Easiest way to transact using Bitcoin and sending Bitcoins to bank.


QuikPe is a financial services platform enabling its members to transact anywhere in the world. Transactions on QuikPe are powered by Bitcoin. On QuikPe members can fund their account using Bitcoins, send Bitcoins to any bank account, create a savings account or earn using a fixed deposit.

Checking Account

Fund your QuikPe checking account and perform all your day-to-day transactions.

Saving Account

Lock funds into a savings account provided by QuikPe and secure yourself from market volatality.

Fixed Deposit Account

Earn upto 12% interest per annum with QuikPe fixed deposit accounts.

Quik Global Account

One account for all your global payment requirements.


QuikPe team is always here to help and support our members. Feel free to reach us over email and we will get back to you in 24 hours.

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